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Synthetic resin (u-PVC) materials and barriers with multiple air layers compose the louver and ensure excellent thermal insulation.

The rainwater cover on the bracket and the EPDM gasket between the upper and lower louvers prevent leak and improve air tightness.

Reinforcement beams exist inside and the fivefold structure including fixing bolts, wedges, and holders improve the wind pressure resistance and prevent slates from missing.

Wind speed is fast in the streamline design similar to aircraft wings; the ventilation efficiency is improved.

Gear-driven type enables open & close operation with small force and fine adjustment is possible. The European style is applied to the handle to ensure delicate design; the handle length is adjustable to allow easy operation.

Our product has slim unit structure (30mm), it can be applied to various profiles for doors and windows made of any materials (Plastic, Aluminum, Wood, and Glass).